Recycling Your Household Waste

Recycling Your Household Waste

Recycling has become a part of everyday life in the United Kingdom. Recycling helps you do your part towards protecting the environment. The government authorities provide recycling bins for each householder to segregate their waste and handover for recycling purposes. These bins are used to segregate paper, glass, tin and other waste materials in separate bins, which would make the task of the town council quite easier. The environmental awareness among citizens of the country is quite high compared to the past. Many homeowners understand the importance of recycling household waste to protect our environment for future generations. This article highlights the importance of recycling your domestic waste.

Are you aware of the fact that to manufacture one cotton T-shirt it takes up to 800-liters of water? The landfill sites in the UK are dwindling with the increase in the population. Hence, there isn’t much space to dump our waste these days. Also, the CO2 emissions from landfills are creating a huge impact on our environment. Over two thirds of household waste dumped in landfills can be recycled quite effectively. Not only paper, steel, glass and plastic, but mobile phones, old PCs and laptops can also be recycled successfully with the new technology available today. Laptops and PCs can be reconstructed, and sent to developing countries to fulfill their IT requirements. It helps save the environment as well as assist a needy child in an underdeveloped country. This is how important it is to recycle residential waste.

Waste such as vegetable peelings, tea bags, old food items, shredded paper and egg boxes can be turned into compost. You can obtain the required compost for your backyard garden from your own domestic waste. This helps save quite a sum of money spent on compost. Most of the town councils also operate a green waste collection service where your waste products can be turned into compost there. Do not throw away your old clothes. Donate them to charity shops. These clothes are donated to people who don’t have the means of purchasing new clothes. The items that cannot be used will be recycled into producing new clothes. This is another way of reducing the CO2 emissions of the atmosphere. Also, you feel happy that you have made a contribution towards the downtrodden people in the country. The importance of recycling waste goes much beyond this scope. It helps protect our precious environment to the future generation.

The UK alone produces more than 350 million tons of waster per year. A quarter of this is residential waste. One should pay immediate attention to reducing the impact of this waste on the environment by way of recycling. Even though recycling is beneficial to the environment, the UK recycles only 20% of its domestic waste. This is still not satisfactory compared to most of the other EU countries. Recycling stands to give us many advantages such as reducing environmental pollution & health hazards, reducing the carbon footprint on earth, saving energy & resources and saving landfills from piling up of domestic waste.

For waste materials that aren’t collected by the town councils, the best way is to hire a waste collection and disposal service. These services help collect residential waste and recycle it appropriately. They will do it with minimum hassle to the environment. Hire a licensed service provider to handover your domestic waste. The service provider should have the latest recycling and collection equipment to effectively handle domestic recycling. These are some of the most important things to look for when hiring a professional domestic recycling service or if you have a large amount you can hire a skip from Only Skip Hire

There are numerous recycling products available on the market today. Bin bags, newspaper, clothing, wine glasses, furniture and copier papers are popular recycled goods on the market currently. Look out for the label of the products to check how much recycled content is used in manufacturing the product. This improves your environmental-consciousness in leaps and bounds. You are definitely doing your bit to protect the environment under such circumstances.

In conclusion, recycling domestic waste is crucial to protect the environment from deteriorating further. UK produces more than 350 million tons of waste a year. A quarter of this waste is domestic waste. Recycle your household waste, and help save the environment in the process.